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3D pattern design technology based on a human body: shapes and movements.
Designed for workers who do a lot of physical activities based on their movement.
It gives a stylish look as well as a comfortable movement while wearing.

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1. Water repellency textile and discharging humidity.

Our fabric made of 45 high density cotton and it is less transformable in cleaning.
Also it is discharging humidity very well with its water repellent function.

2. Manufacturing air-cool mesh fabric.

Our functional fibers are distinctive mesh fibers like luxury brands use.
Moisture spreads and evaporates very well.
It keeps your skin dry and comfortable. Especially your armpit and on your back.
(Check ‘COOL MESH’ mark)

3. tencel fabric.

Tencel is made of eucalyptus tree, it’s eco-friendly,
high moisture absorptive power.
Suitable for who has sensitive skin as it is soft and smooth fiber.
(Check ‘TENCEL’ mark)

4. YKK snap button.

We use snap button from YKK - the company is a global company recognized their
high quality skills and technologies through 70 countries in the world.
Safe for metal sensitive skins as compensated the defect of nickel-plated metal.

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